Purple Trainwreck

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General Description For Purple Trainwreck:

Purple Trainwreck is a cross between Trainwreck and Granddaddy Purple that has a spicy and fruity flavour. It has an 18-23 percent THC level and has a leafy appearance that is deep green in colour with traces of purple.

Bud Size: Medium
Flavour: Gas
THC Content: 18-23%
Medical Uses: Stress, Depression, Fatigue, Pain
Effects: Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted

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The hybridization of Granddaddy Purple and Trainwreck developed Purple Trainwreck. Some consider this dank to induce some magical sensations, leaning to that uplifting sativa side which many love.

Purple Trainwreck, also called Granddaddy Wreck, is a true sativa hybrid that combines Granddaddy Purple with Trainwreck. The classic spicy citrus scent of Trainwreck is met with berry undertones to create a sweet, pungent grape-spice like flavor.

The frosted purple buds are hard to take your eyes off of they are so beautiful. Purple Trainwreck marijuana strain induces happy cerebral high laced with creativity and uplifted mood. Followed by, great pain control. Relieves stress, stimulates appetite. Great day time strain for all smokers.

Specific Description For Purple Trainwreck:

Popping the top to this can off you get spice smell that’s surrounded by gas and fruit this stuff is a great smaller.

Then when you look at the bud you see the beautiful purple fluffy buds surrounded by a beautiful cover over orange hairs and some sugar leaves around it, the bud it self has a beautiful trichome layer on the outside to suite the beautiful purple buds.

Then when busting this strain up you get some stickiness on your hands and a good smell on them as well. Smoking this strain you get a very uplifting euphoric high with a lot of motivation! Very fruity and and baking spice flavor on the exhale.

This one is a great day time smoke or one to pack up for a good walk!

Smell: This stuff smells like baking spices and light fruit followed with a gassy smell. This smell fits its nice purple buds!

Effects: This strain is a very nice uplifting high that will give you the energy to accomplish whatever you need to accomplish, its also a great strain for having conversations and doing things with others!

Medical Effects Helps With: Appetite, Motivation, Depression, Creativity, Pain

Looks and Smell: AAA

Flavor and Effects: AAA

THC % Average: 17-23%

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