Elite Elevation Phoenix Tears – 600mg


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1 oral syringe contains 1g (1ml) of Phoenix Tears.
Lab Test Solvent Free

Directions: Begin with a drop that is half the size of a grain. Increase the dosage gradually at a rate no higher than 0.5mg of main active ingredient (THC or CBD) per pound of body weight in order to avoid experiencing side effects (drowsiness, impaired motor skills, euphoria and/or anxiety). High dose regimens typically used for instances involving serious pain, sleep disorders, cancer and/or epilepsy tend to be within 1mg to 2mg of main active ingredient per pound of body weight per day.

*It is not recommended to use any cannabis products for rectal application. Users using them in this way does so at their own risk.*

Dosage: 600mg to 700mg THC per serving

Other cannabinoids: CBC 0.6%, CBD 0.12%, TCHV 0.3%, CBN 0.17%


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