Dreamy Delite Stoney Munchies Guava – 500mg


Loosen up and prepare to let go of the nuisances of daily life with the help of these Stoney Munchies; Dreamy Delite’s exciting THC-infused Guava flavoured hard candies. Coated by a layer of mouth-watering powdered sugar, you will fall in love with the sour yet sweet essence of the natural flavours! 

Flavour: Guava

Each tin contains 400mg of THC and 10 candies. 

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Citrus Acid, Natural Flavouring, Food Colouring, Powdered Sugar. 

Benefits: Insomnia, Nausea, Low Appetite, Relaxation, Anxiety, Energy, Pain, Focus.


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Take the edge off with Stoney Munchies, Dreamy Delite’s delicious THC-infused fruit candies. Choose from 6 great flavours and re-experience an old favourite with 2 great new twists, a layer of powdered sugar on the outside, and a little something extra on the inside!

Flavour: Guava

500mg of THC per tin.


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